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Norse Marvel

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Created on 2014-07-12 22:16:43 (#2289595), last updated 2014-07-20 (169 weeks ago)

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Name:Norse Marvel
Posting Access:All Members
Norse Marvel is a community for all things Marvel. Any title, any continuity, any character. As long as it's somehow related to Thor, it goes here.

Anyone can post, but there are a few guidelines for posting.

  • All posts must have a subject line summarising what the post is about. If it's a fic, put the fic title. If it's meta, put the topic you want to discuss.

  • All posts must be tagged. If the tag you want does not exist yet, use the "!tag request" tag, and the tags will be added asap.

  • Large images should be placed behind a cut. Dreamwidth supports quite a lot of HTML, as well as using its own markup. Information on DW's markup can be found here.
  • This community is CNTW. Warnings are nice, but not required.

  • Posts must be on-topic. If it looks like spam, I'm going to delete it.

    Some degree of off-topic discussion is expected, as sometimes comment threads will get a bit long and diverted. But posts that are blatantly about something not even closely related to Marvel are not allowed.

These rules may be edited at any time. In the event of an edit, an announcement will be made to the community.

Affiliation requests can be sent to [personal profile] loki_of_sassgaard, or by commenting here.
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